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A biology inoculant derived from Vermi Compost. BioTop is the missing link for adding beneficial biology at times of renovation.

  • Adds a beneficial SRD (species rich diversity) biology to your soil community at regeneration time
  • Promotes quicker root development of newly laid turf areas
  • Enhances germination of newly seeded areas
  • Promotes deeper rooting with less scarring
  • Assists foliar and root disease suppression
  • Reduces chemical and fertiliser inputs
  • Assists in the reduction of thatch and thatch fungus
  • Suppresses parasitic nematodes, fusarium, fairy ring, dollar spot, dry patch, thatch fungus and leaf spot diseases
  • Releases plant nutrients naturally, reducing fertiliser costs
  • Helps convert macro and micro nutrients and aids in effective uptake of fertilisers, lengthening periods between fertiliser applications
  • Improves stress resistance ​- Effective for re-generation on oil and other pollution spills


BioTop tilts the balance of good biology in your profile so that there is more good biology present than bad. Mineral top dressings help with the drainage but are inert. BioTop adds to and 'lifts' the biological activity of beneficial fungi, bacteria, mycorrhizae and protozoa. The micro-organisms are also natural plant hormones which encourages root growth and strengthens plant tissue.


Apply at a rate of 30gm per m2 (15kgs per 500m2 ) by hand.

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