Jessica Bee's Wildflower Seed

Jessica Bee's Wildflower Seed

Jessica Bee's Wildflower Seeds are an excellent choice for establishing a wildflower zone in gardens, parks, and roadsides, promoting biodiversity and helping to restore depleted natural habitats.

After the Second World War, an estimated 95% of British wildflower meadows were lost, but increased interest in native wildflowers has led to rewilding urban and country areas with wildflowers. By changing the way we manage gardens, farms, and other green spaces, we can create space for nature, providing habitat, food, and shelter for creatures in need. Rewilding some areas can encourage nature and meet the challenge of climate change. Choose between 100% Wildflower and 80:20 Mixtures to enjoy low-maintenance, high-percentage perennial and self-seeding annual wildflowers that offer the perfect habitat for pollinators.

  • Promotes biodiversity
  • Low maintenance
  • High percentage of perennial and self-seeding annuals for longevity
  • 100% UK native wildflower
  • Provides the perfect habitats for pollinators

Mixtures below have a large inclusion of flowers from the RHS Plants For Pollinators list

Jessica Bee's Wildflower Seed

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