Liquid Fertiliser

Liquid Fertiliser

East Riding Turfcare offer a comprehensive range of the most effective liquid turf fertilisers from our trusted suppliers. Designed to promote healthy growth, providing the essential nutrients the grass needs.

A great advantage of liquid nutrition is it offers a much quicker release of nutrients than granular fertilisers. This can quickly correct any nutritional shortcomings. Liquid nutrition also allows for immediate plant uptake, delivering incredibly fast results. Applied using a with a knapsack or boom sprayer to a wide range of areas including golf courses, sports pitches and sports stadia, paddocks, turf and lawns.**

If you would like more information regarding Liquid Turf Fertilisers or application rates or to discuss a bulk order, please call our Technical Sales Team or speak to your Area Manager.

ICL Greenmaster Liquid High N 25-0-0+2MgO+TE 10L
£57.49 ex VAT
£68.99 inc VAT
In Stock
Tough Turf 4% FE 10L
Tough Turf Liquid Iron 4% Fe 10L
£43.28 ex VAT
£51.94 inc VAT
In Stock
Approved Mosskiller
Ferromex Lawn Moss Killer Concentrate 20L
£49.70 ex VAT
£59.64 inc VAT
In Stock

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