BioStim HFT Humic + Fulvic Booster 1L


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BioStim HFT is a source of energy for all types of beneficial soil organisms.

Beneficial soil organisms lack the ability to photosynthesise and capture energy from the sun. They therefore have to survive on residual carbon substances in the soil. BioStim HFT is therefore a good source of energy for all the beneficial soil organisms providing the carbon energy and many mineral requirements for soil micro organisms as a substitute for photosynthesis.

BioStim is the ideal tank mix partner for Biolift turf.

  • Stimulates early growth ( soil temperature above 5°C )
  • Increases the permeability off-cell-membranes in the root which increases nutrient uptake
  • Promotes the development of chlorophyll, sugars and amino acids in the plant leading to better photosynthesis
  • Stimulates plant growth by accelerating cell division and increasing the rate of development in root systems
  • Enhances cationic exchange capacity in the soil
  • Acts as a natural chelator and increases nutrient availability for plants
  • Decreases stress by drought and application of plant treatments
  • Decreases high salt content in soils and thus the resulting toxicities
  • Source of energy for beneficial fungi-bacteria-mycorrhizae and protozoa found in ReviTEAlised and Biolift turf

Pack size: 1 L

Application rate: 1 L / Hectare

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