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Osmocote Pro is ICL Specialty Fertilisers’ second-generation coated fertiliser. It is fully coated and packed with NPK, magnesium and all the necessary microelements. Plus it has a fixed longevity ranging from 3 – 4 months up to 12 – 14 months. Osmocote Pro features a regular release pattern and can be used in full rates or as a base dressing combined with water-soluble feedings.

In specific situations* Osmocote Exact is recommended for maximum performance, safety and guarantees. *eg. high rates, when using plant hole dibbling, sensitive and/or high value crops, or in difficult growing circumstances like greenhouses. 


3-4 Month - 19-9-10+2MgO+TE

5-6 Month - 19-9-10+2MgO+TE

8-9 Month - 18-9-10+2MgO+TE

12-14 Month - 18-9-10+2MgO+TE


25kg paper bag

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