TerraPlus® CityGreen 6-2-5 Organic (20kg)


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Pure vegetable-based organic granular fertilizer NPK 6-2-5 from 100 % natural origin. TerraPlus CityGreen is a pure vegan organic granular fertilizer suitable for organic farming and has been specially developed for the sustainable, biological nutrient supply of urban green spaces and versatile use in landscaping.

The EU certification of the ingredients used for controlled ecological agriculture and horticulture makes TerraPlus CityGreen the ideal fertiliser for modern sustainable green space concepts.

  • Pure vegan fertilizer
  • Suitable for organic farming
  • High organic matter stability
  • Low moisture of the granules
  • Biostimulation and nutrient solubilisation


    Organic nitrogen 6% (N)

    Neutral ammonium citrate and water soluble phosphate 2% (P2O5)

    Water soluble potassium oxide 5% (K2O)

    Organic matter 63%

    The high nitrogen content is ideal for spring application and/or plants/soils with a deficiency in nitrogen. Thanks to its granulometry it is more sensitive to humidity than a pellet which allows a faster start of fertiliser release.

  • Vegetables - 300-400 kg/ha - 1 to 2 applications a year
  • Fruits - 300-400 kg/ha - 1 to 2 applications a year
  • Nursery & Ornamentals - 500-700 kg/ha - Follow regional recommendation
  • Turf & Public Green - 500-700 kg/ha - 2 to 5 applications per year

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