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Lalguard M52 10kg


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Lalguard M52 GR is a powerful biological insecticide. For glasshouse, nursery and open field insect pests.

Lalguard M52 GR offers growers and landscape professionals proven efficacy against the most destructive pests infesting greenhouse and nursery crops, which include: - Black Vine Weevil - Thrips pupae

Lalguard M52 GR is a Metarhizium based product which can be used within growing media for the control of Black Vine Weevil. With the removal of chemical pesticides from the market it is important for growers to implement an IPM strategy towards this pest (amongst others) and Lalguard M52 GR plays an important role within the IPM toolbox.

Features and benefits - Highly efficacious, stand-alone bioinsecticide for Black vine weevil control - Consistent efficacy and comparable with many chemicals - Can reduce chemical inputs when combined in a program - Easy to apply and remains viable in the soil for months - Compatible with conventional and organic IPM programs - Compatible with macro beneficials & synergistic with entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) - Fills an important niche in the market for black vine weevil - Zero REI for ornamental crops - No residues / exempt from MRLs - Can be used throughout all stages of the production cycle

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