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Sven is a pyrethroid insecticide which can be used across a broad range of crops including ornamental plant production, managed amenity turf, permanent grassland, potatoes, cereals & a range of vegetable crops. Sven has a wide spectrum of controllable pests including aphids (see label for full list), red ants, weevil, bibionid larvae, caterpillars, leaf miners and thrips.

As well as controlling insects by contact & ingestion, Sven will also offer a degree of protection to new insects not present at the time of application.

With over 500 species of aphids in Britain they are one of the most common pests in gardens, crops and amenity turf. These sap-sucking insects cause stunted and distorted growth and also excrete honeydew which then encourages sooty mould growth. It is usually possible to see aphid infestations with the naked eye- look for them on shoot tips, flower buds, and the underside of young leaves.


  • Low amount of active ingredient applied
  • Wide crop & target range
  • Offers a degree of protection against pests not present at application
  • Excellent rain-fastness


Pack size: 1L

Pack Size Coverage: 3.3 Hectare or 33,000m²

Knapsack Sprayer Rate: 15ml per 10L of water

Boom Sprayer Rate: 300ml/ha

Active Ingredient: 25g/L esfenvalerate

MAPP: 14023

Please be aware that by proceeding you are purchasing a professional pesticide product. By law, everyone who uses a professional pesticide must be trained and certified in using and applying pesticides safely.

Please ring 01904 608157 to speak to one of our BASIS qualified members of staff for advice on such qualifications.

Always read the label and use plant protection products safely

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