Biolift Plant Health 10L


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BioLift is an instant, ready and easy to use liquid biology additive for use with all growing mediums and is derived from totally organic products with no chemical additives. Simply open the can and use! It has much more microbial activity (per litre) than any other compost tea on the market.

​It is used on plants or areas that have had high levels of chemicals applied and/or where there is a high level of disease or toxicity. It will rejuvenate natural disease suppressants in the substrate. 


  • Adds a beneficial SRD (species rich diversity) biology to your soil community
  • Reduces chemical and fertiliser inputs
  • Suppresses parasitic nematodes, fusarium and leaf spot diseases
  • Promotes quicker root development of newly planted species
  • Enhances germination of newly sown crops
  • Releases plant nutrients naturally, reducing fertiliser costs
  • Helps convert macro and micro nutrients and aids in effective uptake of fertilisers, lengthening periods between fertiliser applications
  • Improves stress resistance
  • Assists foliar and root disease suppression
  • Promotes increased rooting

Pack Size: 10lt

Application Rate: 10lt/Ha (10,000m2)

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