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Penetrant and curative wetting agent for localised dry patch. Powerful blend of surfactants that aids water infiltration and can emulsify hydrophobic materials which can then be removed with a strong water flush.

Wet conditions generating water-logged root zones for extended periods encourage the growth of anaerobic micro-organisms in the soil and dormancy of aerobic micro-organisms. Anaerobic organisms are less efficient than aerobic organisms at breaking down organic material – this can lead to more hydrophobic soil conditions. Thus, following prolonged wet conditions, golf courses may benefit from a curative application. The traditional time to make a curative application is early spring but it can be applied in the autumn and winter months.


  • Highly concentrated product means low use rates, cost effectiveness and less packaging and storage space required.
  • Penetrant and curative effect from one product
  • Aids infiltration of water
  • Reduces run off
  • May reduce localised water logging
  • Curative action for spot treatment
  • Helps to create a more even playing surface.


As a Penetrant: Apply at 1-2 litres per hectare (0.1 - 0.2 grams per square metre) never exceeding a solution strength of 1%. This will aid adsorption of water into the soil for up to 2 weeks. Applications should not be made more frequently than every two weeks or at higher concentrations.

As a Curative: Apply at 2-3 litres per hectare (0.2 - 0.3 grams per square metre) never exceeding a solution strength of 1%. Allow to stand for 30 minutes then flush through thoroughly with irrigation water. When used on localised hydrophobic areas a strong flush using hand watering will be most effective.

Pack size: 5 L

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