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Quick Seed Pro is a unique all-in-one lawn & landscape repair kit, containing turfgrass seeds, long-acting fertiliser and growing medium. It enables users to repair damaged or thinned areas of lawn in one easy application.

The use of an organic substrate provides a growing medium and protection for seedlings in the early stages of growth. Combined with a recycled nutrition and high quality turfgrass seed, it creates an environmentally friendly, effective solutions for lawn repair.


  • Quick establishing seed
  • Recycled nutrition for superior rooting
  • Organic substrate for water retention
  • All-in-one application


Bald spots in the lawn caused by e.g. drought, stress, lawn diseases, dog urine, pressure points from e.g. flower pots.


1 Remove dead plant remains from the bald spots. 2 Roughen the surface. 3 Sprinkle the product evenly on the bald spots: 300 g/ m² on bald spots, or 150 g/m² on thinned areas. 4 Water well at the start. 5 Keep the substrate moist for at least 10 days. 6 Once grasses have established – mow, taking no more than 1/3rd of height at 1st cut.


73% Substrate 88% Vegetable matter 6% Slow-release fertilizer 11-11-5(+8) 6% Highly oxidized soft brown coal (Leonardit) and raw clay 15% Lawn seeds 100% Lolium perenne 3% Algae lime 5% Lawn activator 4% Sierrablen Plus controlled release fertilizer with Pearl Technology


Thinned Areas: 130-150 g/m2

Bald Spots: 300 g/m2


Coverage: 10kg for 75m2

Mowing Height: 25 - 45mm

Pack Size: 10kg

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