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Bio Vole Guard is designed to protect young trees from the damage of browsing animals such as voles and mice, it prevents them from ring barking the trees. They are suitable for use in a wide range of conditions, however they are best suited in overgrown areas, as this is where voles are most commonly found.

Standard Size: 38mm x 20cm (30, 45 and 60cm sizes are also available upon request)


• 100% Recycled Materials
• 100% Compostable
• 100% Biobased
• Non-Toxic
• 3-4 Years Life-Span
• Small and light weight, making them easy to handle
• Designed to expand as the tree grows
• Eco-friendly product
• Low cost solution to vole and mice problems
• No fixing stakes or fastenings required
• Offers protection of young trees without strangulation as trees mature
• Protect against accidental damage from strimming
• Quick and easy to install


• Green Tint

Raw materials:
The Bio Vole Guard uses plants (not oil) to make the plastics, using only 100% biodegradable materials. The materials used are certified as being 100% biobased and compostable.

Growing number of additional end-of-life options:
After its useful life, the product can be recycled composted to create healthy soil nutrients, or used for energy generation. Recent research has shown various applications made from the same base material degrade faster than an orange peel in a municipal composter.

In-field performance:
Bio Vole Guards are fit for purpose and designed to last around 3-4 years before degradation starts.

Unlike oil-based plastics, the Bio Vole Guard is completely non-toxic when degraded. When degraded, only water, CO2 and biomass remains.

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