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Sinclair Container (Peat Reduced) 75L


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Less coarse than Nursery Stock Growing medium and without grit. Recommended for both ericaceous and non-ericaceous species.

  • 40% Peat Reduced growing media suitable for Nursery Stock crops
  • Contains West+ technology
  • Excellent air-filled porosity for faster root establishment
  • Mix can be used for both ericaceous and non-ericaceous species
  • A blend of peat grades and bark, helps maintain AFP, providing good drainage
  • Lower nutrient level where Sincrocell controlled release fertiliser can be added
  • Suitable for 2 litre pots or larger


pH range: 5.0

Peat: 0-10mm 50%, 3-15mm 25%, 15-25mm 25%

Added nutrients: 120N 140P 240K

Bag size: 75L

Bags per pallet: 45

Sizes Available on Request: 2m3 IBC, 3m3 IBC, 4m3 Bale, Loose Bulk

Minimum Order for Delivery 10 Bags - Part of the Mix and Match Range

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