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Nova MAP 12-61-0, monoammonium phosphate is ideal for use in the initial growth phase of all crops, immediately before and after seeding and planting/transplanting.


  • Highly efficient source of phosphorus as phosphate (H2PO4-) which promotes rapid absorption by the plant
  • Nova MAP provides an acidifying effect on the soil solution favoring solubility of phosphorus and micronutrients.
  • Freely soluble and quickly dissolving.
  • Product of high purity, no residue or contaminants


Nova MAP is a whitish crystalline powder, free of chloride and sodium. It is the ideal fertilizer for increasing the availability of soil-phosphorus, especially in calcareous soils. Nova MAP consists in high purity of nutrients and no residue or contaminants.


Nova MAP can be used in fertigation of most of the crops, in all growing stages. It can be used especially in the early stages of plant growth to promote optimal development of the root system as well at the stages of flowering and fruit formation. Do not mix the product with Calcium containing products (e.g. Nova Calcium).

Mixing the product with Magnesium based products (e.g. Nova Mag-S, Nova MagPhos and Nova Quick-Mg) needs extra caution! Their compatibility is depending on ph and water quality! Before mix them in large quantities, a small test is required!

Recommended dilution rate, for stock solutions = 15 kg / 100 liter water

Analysis: 12-61-0

Bag size: 25kg

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