Jet 5 (20L)


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Jet 5(20L)
UN: 3149 Class: 5.1 + 8 PG: II Limited Quantity: 1L
Transport Catagory: 2 MAPP No:

NB: This product is now a Regulated Substance under the Poisons Act 1972. You have specific obligations under these Regulations that must be adhered to:

Not supply a regulated substance, above the concentration threshold, to a member of the public unless they hold a valid licence.

Report any relevant transaction that it makes or proposes to make if the supplier has reasonable grounds for believing the transaction to be suspicious:

If it is a regulated or reportable explosives precursor – consider if it is intended for the illicit manufacture of explosives.

If it is a regulated or reportable poison – consider if it is intended for any illicit use.

Always take appropriate steps to assess if there are reasonable grounds for suspicion.

Report all significant disappearances or thefts of regulated or reportable substances.

An EPP License is required before regulated substances, above set concentration levels, can be legitimately supplied to a member of the public (not required for business to business but steps must be taken to ensure sale is for a legitimate business purpose)

Ensure that any regulated product is labelled with the following text: Acquisition, possession or use by the general public is restricted

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