Koppert En-Strip (Whitefly Control)


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En-Strip (Parasitic wasp; Encarsia formosa)

For the control of whitefly, particularly greenhouse whitefly

Effective at lower temperature range than Eretmocerus eremicus

Can be used preventively or at first signs of pest presence

Use En-Strip for:

Greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum); Tobacco whitefly (Bemisia tabaci).

Product specifications

Cardboard strips with 5 cards each, wrapped in plastic, in a cardboard box, each card holds 60 (30 for 7,500 product) parasitized whitefly pupae.

How does En-Strip work?

Adult female parasitic wasps parasitize the third and fourth larval stage of the whitefly. Additionally, host feeding also occurs. Parasitized Trialeurodes vaporariorum pupae turn black, Bemisia tabaci pupae become brownish. Adult wasps leave the pupae via a round hole.

How to use En-Strip?


  • Open package carefully inside the greenhouse

  • Bend and tear off the strips opposite to the mounting hole

  • Make sure not to touch the pupae during handling

  • Suspend the cards in the crop, if possible approximately 75 cm under the plant head

  • Avoid to hang cards at places exposed to direct sunlight


The dosage of En-Strip depends on climate, crop and whitefly density and should always be adjusted to the particular situation. Start introduction preventively soon after planting of the crop. Introduction rates typically range from 1-10 per m2/release. Releases should be repeated until control is achieved. At increasing temperatures it may be better to switch to the use of Enermix or Ercal.

Combined use

En-Strip is best to be used in combination with generalist predatory mites (Amblyseius andersoni, Amblyseius swirskii, Neoseiulus cucumeris or Amblydromalus limonicus) or, in tomato, with predatory mirid bugs (Macrolophus pygmaeus or Nesidiocoris tenuis).

Best working conditions for En-Strip

The parasitic wasp is most effective at temperatures between 20°C and 25°C (68 and 77°F). At a 24 hours average temperature below 17°C/63°F the control of whiteflies may be insufficient.

Product Handling

  • Storage time after receipt: 1-2 days

  • Storage temperature: 8-10°C/47-50°F

  • Storage conditions: In the dark

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