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Sinclair Pot Topper 90L


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Sinclair Pot Topper is great to use as a pot topper or for mulching beds and borders.

It is a superior alternative to bark. Not only does it prevent weed seeds from germinating but also due to its consistency and sterility and its adhesive properties which lock the fibres together to ensure they remain in situ even if inverted. This creates a matted surface layer that is impenetrable to light sources that weeds require to establish. It still permits the transfer of water to the root zone for plant uptake.

  • Extremely low nutrient content preventing weed seed, liverwort and moss establishment
  • Adhesive properties – fibres lock together and stay in situ
  • Matted layer provides an impenetrable light barrier that prevents weed establishment
  • Produced from 100% FSC certified virgin wood source
  • The product is heat-sterilised and as a result is free from weeds, pests and diseases
  • Unique colouration improves wettability and aesthetics
  • Helps reduce evaporation
  • Water permeable
  • Helps insulate growing media, garden beds and borders
  • Suitable for ericaceous plants
  • Apply straight after potting or planting in borders
  • If using a pot topping machine, it is recommended that a small scale trial is conducted first to ensure that the product flows sufficiently
  • Do not apply Sinclair Pot Topper when the ground is frozen
  • 75% more effective at weed prevention than bark
  • Will remain in place offering a neat and tidy cover

Bag size: 90L

Bags per pallet: 51

Sizes Available on Request: 3m3 IBC

Minimum Order for Delivery 10 Bags - Part of the Mix and Match Range

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