Chafer Grub

Chafer Grubs are the larval stage of the Chafer Beetle of which there are several different types. The most common in the UK are the Garden Chafer and the Welsh Chafer.

Identify: Chafer Grubs are very easily recognised with white/cream bodies with a brown head and 6 brown legs and they are usually curled into a C shape in the soil under turf and at about 1-2 inches in length. Scruffy turf with pieces pulled up by birds and animals searching for the grubs.

Time of Year: Spring and Summer. Chafer Grubs are dormant during colder months.


Biological: We advise using a biopesticide, a parasitic nematode called Heterorhabditis Bacteriophora, which will seek out the chafer grubs and infect and kill them. The nematodes actively search for their prey and penetrate them. The nematodes feed on the contents of the prey, excreting specific bacteria from their digestive tracts as they do so. The larvae die within a few days. Once the insect larva has been entirely eaten, the nematodes crawl out again to prey on other larvae.

Speak to your East Riding Turfcare Area Manager, or a member of our Technical Team about the best control solution, including any Emergency Authorisation Chemicals.

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