Symptoms: Initial symptoms are small dark brown spots of watersoaked turf that will continue to spread into larger patches if conditions allow. The outer edge of the patch often shows as a darker brown than the centre.

Main Causes: Fungus.

Time of Year: Most common is Spring and Autumn. Most severe in Autumn.


Cultural: Ensure adequate drainage; reduce surface moisture; control thatch layer (consider timing of aeration and top dressing); encourage morning sunlight penetration; appropriate use of fertiliser and nitrogen.

Biological: Prevent annual meadow-grass ingress into fine turf greens or convert back to finer grasses.

Chemical: Effective fungicides are available. Timing of application dictates optimal performance. Preventative use during periods of high disease pressure provides optimal control.

Speak to your East Riding Turfcare Area Manager, or a member of our Technical Team about the best control solution.

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