Fairy Ring

Symptoms: Irregular rings of dead grass that slowly expand across the lawn. Rings of brown toadstools. This usually occurs in late Summer and Autumn. Type 1; Kills grass or badly damages it. Type 2; Stimulates growth. Type 3; Does not visually damage the sward but has fruiting bodies.

Main Causes: Fungi.

Time of Year: May be seen all year round if conditions are conducive. Most common in Spring and Autumn.


Cultural: Reduce excess thatch; aerate to help water penetration; use wetting agents to wet rootzone; apply fertiliser or iron sulphate to mask symptoms of type 2 rings; level depressions with top dressing. For type 3, remove fruiting bodies.

Chemical: Some fungicides are available. Addition of wetting agent or applying wetting agent first will help the fungicide penetrate the rootzone.

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