Gold Leaf Liquid Fertiliser

Gold Leaf fertiliser Contains every essential plant nutrient in a fully soluble, concentrated form. 

Unlike other NPK ferilizers, Goldleaf contains calcium, which is essential for strong healthy growth and bumper yields. 

The Fertiliser is ideal as a Hydroponic Fertiliser

9-5-16 NPK

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Hydroponic Use

  • No other nutritional products were required.

  • No pH manipulation was required

Goldleaf Hydroponics.png

The product is sold in 1 Litre and 5 Litre bottles


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Calcium Fertilisers can prevent Problems caused by Calcium Deficiency

  • Strawberry; Tip burn, malformed (cupped) leaves, and small, malformed and insipid fruit.

  • Apple; bitter pit and water core.

  • Tomato, pepper, melon; blossom end rot

  • Potato; poor tuber set and storage

  • Celery; black heart.

  • Poinsettia; bract necrosis.

  • Peanut; empty pod.

  • Orchard crops; cracking of fruit after irrigation/rain.

  • Tip burn in numerous crops.