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A concentrated feed for tree ferns, ferns, palms and grasses.

Tree ferns are growing in popularity, especially in gardens where there is a lot of shade. These slow-growing plants have stunning thick trunks which give gardens a tropical feel and thrive in sheltered, humid and shaded positions with humus-rich, neutral to slightly acid soil.

In their natural environment tree ferns gain their nutrients from decaying vegetation that falls from the forest canopy into the crown of the tree fern. Tree Fern and Palm Feed replicates this process to maximise growth, maintain colour and ensure a strong healthy plant.

• Developed to replicate the nutrients found in decaying vegetation • Can be used for tree ferns, ferns, palms, bamboo and grasses • Contains a balanced mixture of major plant nutrients.

Pack Size 1 litre x 6 & 2 litre x 6

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